Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fisherman are killing Pelicans in Brunswick County

Just the other day, Patty called and found a Pelican with one broken wing and one broken leg. Couple of days earlier another one was found, in the same area, at Sunset Beach West end by Kindered Spirits mailbox.

In both cases a small, white painted, open skiff with three people in it, in yellow slickers, were netting just off shore. If you have seen this boat, please try to get hull numbers and a photo. If you see them heading in, please make note if they are heading to Little River Inlet or East.

If you find an injured bird, call Mary Ellen at 910 294 2555.

If you have any sitings of this boat, you can contact me at: 201 924 2641 and/or my email at

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